Reality TV Me

Street Theatre

(Street/ Cabaret)

The latest, most real creation from celebrity diva – California.

Winner of Grand Jury 1st Prize for Street Theatre at the Vevey Artists de Rue Festival. (I really do parle France now!)

Comedy, Hula Hoops and Reality TV come together for this interactive show of ridiculous challenges and infomercial madness. Hosted by comic diva California, find out her latest work out secrets, fashion tips and international shopping advice whilst cheering on your favourite contestant as they compete for the grand prize! Suspense, style, comedy, unbelievable hula hoop stunts, dancing,and NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS!

Taking reality TV to real places.

Waterloo Buskers Festival


Waterloo Buskers Festival
Discover California this summer! Like you’ve never seen her before! Host a reality TV show at your event, and let the audience take part in the making of an episode of “Reality TV Me”.

Show available in English, Spanish, Dutch some German and some French.

What people are saying about Reality TV Me:

“Reality TV me” is a powerful, ballsy, boundary pushing show that responds with great humour to the modern obsession with Reality TV, while still harnessing fabulous circus skills, audience interaction and heaping helpings of the funnies.” (KISS Arts Festival Director 2015)

“Reality TV Me is an new level in street theatre.” (Audience member Usedom, Germany. 2012.)

” …. sass from head to toe and all points in between. Tahmour is a star amoungst the Australian street performers’ scene.” (Surfers Paradise Festival Director 2015)

“That was the best thing I’ve seen since the Fringe started!” (Edinburgh audience member 2011)

“Miss California is fantastic!” (Little Big Top Audience 2010)

“The best laugh I’ve had in ages!”(Ironfest Audience member 2010)



 Reality TV ME, The commercial.                                     Reality TV ME Promo Clip.

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California Russia’s Best Kept Secret


Cabaret Hula Hoop Act

Russia’s Best Kept Secret
Infomercial Princess – California, reveals her career secrets! How does she look so good?!
Be prepared to laugh your designer stitches into next years hottest fashions as
California Hosts an Infomercial you cant pause, no matter how much you may want to.
A 15 minute act, Hula hoops, comedy and contortion.

Check it out here