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Tahmour K Bloomfield


“Dazzling Circus and Classy Comedy”

Outlandish acts of skill, comedy and grace.

Home of Hula Illumination

If you’re after circus entertainment that glows, circus entertainment that makes you laugh, or circus entertainment that entertains, keep reading! My acts are made with stylish hula hoop moves, zany characters, diverse circus skills and hilarious comic timing. With me you can be assured the audience are more than impressed – they are Entertained.

Contact me for a unique circus entertainment option for your event!

I create and design entertainment packages that are illuminating, engaging, and expand audience  through physical comedy and circus.

 My shows have been performed in over 20 countries, in 5 languages.  I bring a professionalism, style and skill that makes my circus inspired entertainment – unique and unforgettable.


On this site you will find an array of circus entertainment options to suit all needs.

Available for:
  • Events
  •  Festivals
  • Functions
  • Weddings
  • WorkshopsCircus Entertainment
  • Parties
  • Parades........and more!

Latest News :

The new costumes have landed! Check them out on the Hula Illumination page, and watch the video above!

5 1/2 Ways was a great success at Halloween, and we are in training to make it even better! With new acrobatic moves, and comedy routines. Keep an eye out for it in 2019 – we’re heading to Kiama in April. And you can check out our teaser here.


Full Bio

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“Tahmour Bloomfield was recently asked to entertain our clients at the 2013 Convergence Wealth Christmas Seminar. Put simply, Tahmour was brilliant. She is a true professional who enthusiastically engaged a group of over 60 people with her energetic and endearing personality. Her sense of humour was also greatly appreciated and much needed after a series of finance related presentations. The overwhelming feedback from our clients was that they considered Tahmour’s performance as one of the highlights of the evening. I recommend Tahmour Bloomfield without any hesitation.”
Bassem JammalPrincipal AdviserConvergence Wealth