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Tahmour K Bloomfield


“Dazzling Circus Entertainment and Classy Comedy”

Outlandish acts of skill, comedy and grace.

Home of Hula Illumination

 My acts are made with stylish hula hoop moves, comic characters, and diverse circus skills. With my acts you can be assured the audience are more than impressed – they are Entertained.

Contact me for a unique circus entertainment option for your event!

I create and design entertainment packages that are illuminating, engaging, and expand audience  through physical comedy and circus.

 My shows have been performed in over 20 countries, in 5 languages.  I bring a professionalism, style and skill that makes my circus inspired entertainment – unique and unforgettable.


On this site you will find an array of circus entertainment options to suit all needs.

Available for:
  • Events
  •  Festivals
  • Functions
  • Weddings
  • WorkshopsCircus Entertainment
  • Parties
  • Parades........and more!

Latest News :

The new costumes have landed! Check them out on the Hula Illumination page, and watch the video above!

5 & 1/2 Ways is in training. You can check out our teaser here. Or follow us on instagram. #bucknfornia


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“The Hula Illumination act is great. Something different and a great way to get people’s attention. Great for a corporate event when looking for something different and outside the box”.

K. Kavanagh. Alspec