Roving Clowns Old

Roving Animation

Pick ‘n’ Mix! A multitude of skills. A costume catered to your needs! Stilt Walkers, clowns and circus artistry.

Hoop Girl


Roving characters create spontaneous shows and laughs. They move through crowds, around tables and strut their stuff in parades. Roving Animation is a great way to entertain a large space! Visually impressive, they help create a fun, carnival style atmosphere.

Stilt Characters

The Sugar Plum Fairy

A popular Christmas Character for Parades, Festivals, Shopping Centres and Parties. Place your wish list with her before she flies back to the north pole.

Bella The Blow Fly

Invite the biggest, meanest, cutest blow fly around and tell the others to Buzz off. Bella is a hit at every event, big beautiful and a little bit mischevious.