Roving Acts

Roving Acts

Classy Roving Acts, or seriously stupid funny acts – whatever the event, I’ve got something to suit. 

Stilt Walkers, clowns and circus artistry.

L.E.D Roving Hoops

Glowing Hula Hoops

Glow Hula Hoops

This act speaks for itself. Dropping jaws and flashing lights.

A favourite for late night events, New Years Eve and Parties.




Roving Clowns



 Gypsy Rosalita

A mystical woman from the East, who may or may not have an accent and may or may not tell you the truth about your future, however her contact juggling ball skills will convince you that she is no phoney … at something!
A very popular character for dinners and small spaces.
Comedy and skill combined for a charming and engaging character.

(Also available as stage show.)

To see her live click here





Hoop Girl

Circus EntertainmentHooping Belle





With Vintage Circus inspired costumes, this act adds a touch of class to any event. 




Stilt Characters




For Christmas Themed Entertainment : Please click here.