5 & 1/2 Ways


California & Buck Boris in 5 &1/2 Ways

2 Idiots 1 Philosophy

5 & 1/2 ways is an up beat, extravaganza of physical display. Family-friendly, fun, & wholesome life guidance.


A collaboration with Stuart Christie.  

1. 45 min Street Theatre Show that drops it’s performers in from  6m in the air.
2. A  cartoon-esque slapstick with Circus Stunts and physical Comedy.
3. Waterproof mascara advised as you will laugh til you cry.
4. A 2 person show with circus professionals from the Blue Mountains.
5. We believe in creating opportunities for emerging artists whenever we  put the Aerial Rig up.

The ½ – We don’t do anything by halves.

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5 & 1/2 ways to be better… at being you.. or you just being.